jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote,

I’m Supposed to be Listening

I’ve been in love, and I’ve walked around
with armloads of lust, but,..

I’ve never so specifically felt this desire
to play with someone’s hair…
Until now
I’ve played with a girlfriend’s hair before
because it did something
for them;
Made them feel pretty, made them
comfortable, or helped them
calm down,
But across this circle of poets
there’s one whose pretty head just
called to me
I’m caught between wanting my glances
to be and wanting to spare her some
But in the mirror of the bookstore’s dark window
a version of me approaches the
arc of her back.
That  reflection’s rising hand mimics a comb
And climbs in from her neck seeking the
downy under hair
Finding it imaginary soft and trapping the fingers
at the same moment parking car’s lights add
magic point of contact
It’s not wholly lust or desire, it did take two
rounds of verse for this vision
to well up

So long as we’re all clear on that then I will confess this next thing…
It was then that I caught my alter-self asking her
Lips what it would be
like to kiss them

Like always my silence remains in the real world

Whenever she agrees with me I want to
part the hairs and tuck in that
one unruly lock
Whenever she seems aloof I want to make
those unruly locks multiply
to be the rule

Stop using “hungering” in your poems because it
reminds my fingertips of their hunger to
play in your hair

April 24, 2015

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