jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote,

Overnight Change vs James Bane

My friend drove past one of his
favorite spots this
and something
had changed,
but not being a morning
person couldn’t put his fing-
-er on what had been rearranged.

At lunch he returned to the scene
trying to get the difference, but the big yellow machine
was right where it had been
the night before.
Wait, it was the row of trees that wasn’t there anymore.

The crane sat alone
like nothing had ever happened, and this was its home.
And now it played innocent, but scheming
he thought he could feel
how over the next big meal
it sat dreaming.

He realized the hand
Of the developer man
made it happen in the middle of the night
so maybe no one will remember it quite
Were they ever there? or maybe…
after four o-clock he’d see…
(if they’d cleared another row
because those damn trees have got to go!)

Yes, when he got off he would see
If they were just a dream of trees.

April 15, 2016

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