September 11th, 2019

Depth of the Pillar

Speak not of the ocean’s depth as far down

The same gravity holds it down that holds you, me

and the very material of the earth

So depth is measured

by how far up

Marianas and the Laurentian are the pillars

upon which the seas stand

But above that even the air…

The ocean is but part of the atmosphere

thickest, lowest part

But were it not there, it would not be replaced with negative space

While a good art lesson, that term does not dominate your physics

not for a good hundred miles up

Right, up like depth

as rise the waters

so rise the airs

Whether above us or below, we experiences depth as down

Whether above us or below, both rise.

Upon the concluding of a day’s lesson one of his boys

asked of Aristotle:

What is it like to be sophist?”

By way of answer the master seized the boy

and held him into the water.

Upon letting him he he proffered it is to want to know

as much as you wanted air.

How far from down that boy must have struggled to go.

So do not measure our greatest minds by how far down they go,

but by how far up they have risen

For Einstein admitted that had he seen farther

then it was only by standing upon the shoulders of giants

So do not measure a love by how far down it goes,

but how far up it rises

If you were there when it started you saw the building,

the stacking or piling or adding upon

Never forget the pillars,

because without you’ll have shaky love at best

because without it will surely fall

and if it does

then without, however will you build back up?

You won’t

September 9, 2019

Untitled 2019B

I get it

Uses your freedom of speech

         to refute separation of church and state

Willing to misinterpret the second amendment

         to defend your privilege from the low-hanging fruits

         that you define as a threat, like the minority and the immigrant

well anyone different,


I get it

You were born into this country

         but feel torn between no-choice

a victim to rights

         you don’t care for others to have

and rights you insist protect things

         which you have no right to

I get it

Because my kind,

         most were born here

Thinly protected by rights that they carefully study

         get down pat, … perfect as a verb

Which confounds you since you know little of these rights,

         much less care for them

And it confounds you since you feel the need to vilify them,

         chastise them

          for being low-hanging fruits

          like minorities and immigrants

         and people who are different

Yeah, I get it,

         but it seems…

You feel more right to your feeling of injustice

           which could be enforced by law-given rights

...that you care so little fort

No wonder you care so little for those

         who hold those rights as precious defense

         against your assaults

And you wave the word “patriot” as your personal flag

Yet as the best parent deserves the child

         and the best chef deserves to eat well

Ask me whom I think deserves this country more.

September 9, 2019

Trainwatching as Real Ironic Hobby

When you saw me,

         my guitar,

         my bag,

         and my dog at the train station,

even on the platform

It was an uphill battle to convince you

         that I was not gone, baby

         that this was just a soulful moment

of just watching for trains to go by

It was an uphill battle talking my way


         into your bed

         stay in your head

since I needed a place to stay

         one more day

         to get to next morning
cause I need one more try, baby.

See, I’m always late,

         and the trains run on time.

September 9, 2019