jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote,

Arrowhead Ivy

Pointed ivy,

You tried

You tried to surround my heart,

~ with your multitudinous hearts

At first just tendrils

~ Delicate, like fingers

~ Lithe, slender,

Moving from accepted

~ to desired

But it's the ties

The ties that bind, me

I, at first enrapt

~ then awoke just wrapped

Now strangled and fighting to live

Now I rip and tear

~ to fight to the surface

~ to just see clear, and to breathe

Moving from wanted to feared; you

Moving from caressed to possessed: me

Moving from loved to hated; both

~ a race to tear, tear free

~ as vines grow, grope, grasp

What I thought was your symbol

Your symbol of love

~ dried and hardened to points

~ arrowheads, stingers, stabbers

As your love dried up your embrace became dangerous

~ full of jabbing points, cutting edges

Ripped free, cast off,

~ damage done to both

Your sign of the heart

~ turned implement of injury

~ turned numerous Mardi Gras confetti;

At first decorative and cherished

~ become just the nuisance of litter

Never a proper heart - rot in tatters

-- February 14, 2018


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