jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote,

Ballad in Gold and Blue With Sidewalks Stools and Condos

When we met we was 5th St.

Shoved to the edge

       by our propensity to skate on by

That is days on wood, nights on sand.

You actually thought you were going to ride wave

       to impress some other man.

       Too lazy to extend you his hand

So I took you down to Croatan

       where the real surf meets the sand.

Sometimes we'd leave boards at my place and play

9th street and pizza was the plan.

Bags left in the sand

We finally held hands

Into the business of falling in love,

       but I might be too shy

               to be the textbook surfer guy

                       that you need

You have certain thoughts to feed.

I couldn't really talk about it until we were 17th street,

       or 19 and inland Mediterranean

               and shopping led through bikinis and trunks

                       by those same hands.

I think you lost me in the shops like a little boy.

Maybe I was too into novelty

       you like a toy.

It wasn't for 3 years that I'd see you again

picking at drinks in seaside bars.

We stopped and talked about “how far”

And decided 21st street block

       was going to be our rock,

               well for awhile.

Until we realized escape up 22nd to the highway

       took less than a mile.

We wandered up and down the strip alone again for awhile.

How many times we glide by

       and didn't recognize each other's smiles.

Little did I realize what the Boulevard had undone ...

It would take Laskin Rd. to take me back to you.

Freshly 31,

I married, with a daughter and a son

But you gleaming laying in the sun

I spotted you from 30 floors above like there's no other one.

I didn't want you to remain just a ghost

       who haunts me from the strand

       So when I hustled the kids down to the sand

       it was to talk to you

               make you real again, too.

After an hour you said you had a sick friend to look into,

       but when I looked down you said

               he has a place up on 52,

                       and suggested we could use the beach access there

                               to slip on through.

And so we talked late at night hidden by the dune.

Decisions made then – known better by the moon

       than even to me and you ...

Yeah, better understood there than by either of us.
        But it didn't seem to matter until 3 years later,

               when my life had been bowled over in the rush.

And even my marriage turned out not able to last out the fading lust.

I was at 67th searching at the Cayce

       to see if maybe Their answers answer best,

but on the verge of deciding they were just like the rest

       with even their cards close to the vest.

By now we've learned not be be surprised

       catching each other's eyes;

So when I detected your look

       when you were at ARE library returning a book.

I told you I am at a loss about what to do,

       though time keeps running us out

               the sea and land keep crashing together to …

                       push me into you.

You said, "Look, you need to stop worrying

       about what you're supposed to be doing,

               don't worry about time.

I've finally got my own place here on 89.

It's fixed up right and I think you'll be fine,

       But it's at the end of the road,

               you can't come and then bail this time

                       just because you think life's like this

                               and you have to fall in line.

You've rolled back here like the tide,

       and you need to unwind,

               learn your mind,

                      and learn that if you're mine

                               then you're meant to be someplace

                                       where someone treats you kind.

But 1st meet me for pizza back by street number nine,

       but boy when you come to me,

               come like you 5th St.

July 29, 2019


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