jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote,

Everywhere, Everyone

What if,

just what if…

See I know that your god is that bearded old man

and in your comic book bible he’s white

and comes from your land,

but, it also says he’s everywhere and all things,

and has indomitable plans.

So I think that means a “what if...”

What if god is that child in your class

whom you teach, but you lie?

What if god is that uncle who’s leaving you a fortune

and you wish he would die?

What if god was your mother

whom you cursed out n church?

What if god was that girlfriend

whom you left at dinner in the lurch?

I’m not naiive enough to say it matters if

god is the animal you killed for meat

but if you want more serious issues then

what if

What if god is the wife you control with terror


What if god is the wife you know you beat?

It’s easy to say he’s the homeless guy you leave in the street

but isn’t god supposed to be more than …

someone you leave as quickly as you meet?

I thought faith in him was supposed to be a part of your daily life

so god should be as important as your family,

your employer

your kids

your wife

Or perhaps you should treat them as important as he

because if he’s everywhere

you don’t know whom he could be.

September 6, 2019


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