jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote,

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I get it

Uses your freedom of speech

         to refute separation of church and state

Willing to misinterpret the second amendment

         to defend your privilege from the low-hanging fruits

         that you define as a threat, like the minority and the immigrant

well anyone different,


I get it

You were born into this country

         but feel torn between no-choice

a victim to rights

         you don’t care for others to have

and rights you insist protect things

         which you have no right to

I get it

Because my kind,

         most were born here

Thinly protected by rights that they carefully study

         get down pat, … perfect as a verb

Which confounds you since you know little of these rights,

         much less care for them

And it confounds you since you feel the need to vilify them,

         chastise them

          for being low-hanging fruits

          like minorities and immigrants

         and people who are different

Yeah, I get it,

         but it seems…

You feel more right to your feeling of injustice

           which could be enforced by law-given rights

...that you care so little fort

No wonder you care so little for those

         who hold those rights as precious defense

         against your assaults

And you wave the word “patriot” as your personal flag

Yet as the best parent deserves the child

         and the best chef deserves to eat well

Ask me whom I think deserves this country more.

September 9, 2019


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